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Got leftovers?

Leftover turkey

Are you faced with Thanksgiving leftovers lingering around like guests who have overextended their stay? While we can't get your uncle of your couch, we can give you creative ideas that aren't flights of fancy. We've even included a fun fact for extra inspiration.

If you can't stomach settling for a week of cold turkey sandwiches, consider the warm comfort of Turkey Corn Chowder (and get rid of that canned creamed corn at the same time). Efficient, right?

Check out Creme de la Crumb's quick and easy 30 minute recipe here.

How about that bag of fresh cranberries you were going to use to make a yummy,homemade cranberry sauce, until your aunt showed up with that gelatinous blob from a can.

Here's a refreshing recipe form Brown Eyed Baker for cranberry sorbet.It's the perfect light alternative treat after those heavy holiday meals. Check out the recipe here.

For that extra dose of inspiration, here's a turkey day fun fact about how one company turned Thanksgiving leftovers into a profitable line of business.

From Failure to Fortune

This is a tail (pun intended) of how a Thanksgiving mistake led to one company’s fortune. In 1953, Swanson massively miscalculated the American appetite for Thanksgiving turkey, leaving the company with some 260 tons of frozen fowl sitting in ten refrigerated railroad cars. Faced with the possibility of these birds going truly foul, the company looked to flying food (you got it, pre-prepared airline trays) for inspiration. Swanson ordered 5,000 aluminum trays, and made traditional turkey dinners with corn-bread dressing and gravy, peas and sweet potatoes. It launched a “tray chic” marketing campaign and in the first year of production, sales took off and profits reached new heights as the company sold 10 million turkey dinners.

Now that you don't have to stress about Thanksgiving leftovers, you can start thinking about planning your holiday party. Don't worry, we have you covered there too. Just contact us at for a quote.

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