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Little Move, Big Move

Does anyone else know how it is Spring already? March of 2018? Thursday of this week? No? Just me? Well the blog hiatus certainly wasn't on purpose, and busy is better than slow for any business, but I have missed reaching out to you all from here.

As happens for every catering company, the end of last year was busy-busy-busy! The first of the year rolled around and we all collectively breathed-- for about one whole minute. Then a decision was made. An opportunity had arrived, one which we had been toying with, and so we decided to make the leap and move our entire base of operations across town. Back to west Oakland and close to the address we started at. That means our warehouse, offices, and kitchen. We didn't close down or stop booking your events, we made magic happen. Chef Humberto (Jefe as we lovingly call him) RALLIED TROOPS and in no time ( and I mean mere days) orchestrated a seamless move. We truly can't properly thank Humberto, Artemio, The Three "Alejandros", Gerardo and Luis for busting ass and staying positive, energized and organized THE WHOLE TIME. Our clients never felt the shift and neither did our FOH team.

We have an inside office joke that this is the Twenty A Team (20Ateam- 2018-- we all spell it differently) and it IS. We are settling into our new home at 3303 San Pablo and if you follow us on FB and Insta (tell me you do? If not, click here) you have seen some pretty behind the scenes pictures of the work in progress. Our team is tireless, re-inspired and committed to making the same amazing events happen for our clientele.

Did you know we are going into our 30th (you read that right!!) year? There is a major celebration and some awesome throw backs to come in Fall. We are launching a Give Back program to more steadily support the non profits in our community and continue to be proud of our Oakland Grown roots. Look for more on both of these endeavors soon.

The Blog is back people! Stay tuned for all that is yet to come from Blue Heron. We are still making your culinary dream come true!

#culinaryadventure #Catering #BigMove #2018 #goodfood

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