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Is There Magic Behind The Scenes?

So there is something magical about weddings. All weddings. Weddings that are full of traditions, packed with whimsy, or take the couple and their guests down an unbeaten path--- you still experience a sense of magic at watching the commitment happen. The definition of wedding has evolved so much and become a term used by all that it is even easier to believe in magic.

But what is it like for your vendors? Your wedding planner, dj, florist, CATERER? Is there still magic behind the scenes? In the months of planning leading up to the actual day? Yes, there is. What we do is hard work, but the reward is why we do it. When two people choose you to be part of what is very often the biggest event of their lives to date, it means something.

Most conversations with our clients are first about food, they have to be, it's what we do. But questions about why there must be peaches at their wedding generally leads to a beautiful memory of summers with a favorite relative, or how they grew their own peaches the first time they really lived far from home. Food gives us an intimate look into what is personal for them, what it needs to represent on their wedding day. Magic. The more we get to know who they are as people, as a couple and who their loved ones are, the better we are able to execute the vision and create magic.

Now, let's be honest, catering is very grueling. Even when every detail is planned, every list is tripled checked, every possible conversation has been had, something happens. The wind kicks up, the venue loses power, flights are delayed, BART is stuck in the tunnel, someone checked off spoons and they didn't arrive onsite. You know, stuff happens. Where is the magic then? That's when vendor magic kicks in. That's when the chef becomes an electrician, when the groomsmen become chauffeurs, when extra table linens are used to create a wind break for the bride during photos, when the bartender makes sure everyone who needs one has a glass in their hand. No one panics, everyone comes together as a team for the couple. We are all there because we want this day to be far beyond special, we want it to be everything they dreamed.

So to answer the question posed at the top of this post... there is, in droves. We don't always refer to it as magic in the moment, but when we get to stop and put our feet up, you can be sure we see it for what it was. Making sure love is the only memory of the day is why we do this (and because we get to eat really well-- we are caterers after all). Wedding season is in full swing and we are just over here, busy believing in magic.

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