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The Birds Aren't The Only Ones Singing For Spring

Even with lingering showers on the horizon, Spring has definitely arrived. The birds are chatter boxes outside in the trees and our team is just as full of excitement. Jeff dubbed us the 207Team (2017, get it) and we are power housing into this year. Wedding Season is here, food is plentiful and we are full of ideas-- which we can't keep quiet about (chatter). This is a long blog Herons-- but it's very little of my musings and loads of links to awesome events and happenings and places and cool-as-all-get-out things. Stick with me.

The produce and fruits coming through the door here and at the Cannery are epic and inspiring some amazing menus for our clients. We are continually reminded of how lucky we are in the Bay Area and we don't ever want that gratitude to go away.

We have SO much planned in April and so many ways you can experience this bounty (most of our loved ones are attending these just for a chance to see us this month!)

We are participating in this unbelievably cool thing the 3rd Annual Wild Feral Food Week. (check out the link and the epic company we are in) The Cannery Cafe will be featuring a wild nettle, fennel pollen and Fiscalini cheddar scone-- Oh My YUM. Come have one! While at the cafe, try a BEER FLIGHT! Yes, really, we are doing that awesomeness now. Saturday Beer Brunches and Live Music too! Check out who's playing on Facebook.

April is POP UP month for us, 2 at the Cafe and 1 in Oakland. We get asked a lot why we do pop ups and we talked about it (bird chatter) and while there are many reasons we love that we get to interact with our clients and friends in a FUN way. We can be very playful with the food, schedule some great music, and change up our routines.

April 20th is Buena VINO Social Club. Kari and the Sweet Spots are Playing, yours truly is pouring flights of bubbles from France and California, and Cannery favorite menu items will be available. No Cover for this EVER!

April 21st is Friday Night Supper Club. And we are serving Marin Sun Farms Prime Rib. Do I really need to say more? Get your tix HERE

April 30th is B-Side BBQ on AT B-SIDE. This is our sole Oakland (soul) pop up this month and we are only selling tix ahead of time. Ms. Tanya Holland will be there jamming out with us on the patio. The menu is a collaboration between her and Chef Jeff Rosen and I will be mixing up a couple cocktails (and pouring beer and wine). You want to come to this, believe me! Get your hands on these hot tix HERE

So one of the many reasons I came to work for Blue Heron is the commitment to community that is rooted deep here. It resonates in everything we do and try to cultivate all year. The three non-profit events we are participating in this month all have tickets available and I wanted to share them with you. Debbie wrote so eloquently about them on our Facebook page, I am going to use her words here to entice you to come (you know the food will be amazing.......)

On April 22nd at the Hayward Area Historical Society

"Love history? We do! We are all a part of it, especially here in the bay area. We know there's a lot of fundraisers to choose from and we hope you'll support this one as it is near and dear to our hearts. It's going to be a splendid evening with food, drink, lively conversation and best of all. . .awards!"

On April 28th at the Impact HUB in Oakland with Uptown Funk and Family Paths

"We can't say enough about this non profit. They have been saving lives and supporting local families for 45 years. That's something to celebrate! Get your VIP tickets early because they will sell out and the VIP tables are the best in the house for sure!!Cheers!"

On April 29th at Douglas Morrison Theater

"Please join us in supporting this wonderful fundraiser for the performing arts. It is going to be magical!"

Clearly we won't be bored in April, and I just gave you 6 reasons for you not be either!

Now that our new website is a reality, I will be blogging here monthly... and they won't always be this long, cross my heart. Thanks for taking this Spring ride with me and getting to the bottom of the page. I'm hungry--- I think i'll go see what chef is making in the kitchen...... Come to one (or ALL) of these events and see for yourself.

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