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About Blue Heron Catering and Events 

Blue Heron has been creating delicious menus since 1988. We have a great passion for authenticity in our cooking.


While the sustainable food movement has become a way of life here in the Bay Area, we have always made using our local food shed a priority in our business model.  As a Bay Area based company, our commitment to local and responsible food has strong roots in California that are reflected in our menus.


Blue Heron is highly sought after because we work so closely with the people who grow, raise and produce everything we use.  It is not unusual to see a chef, event manager, or owner out on the farm or at the market stall.

We believe in great service and build our team around this premise. When we cater your event, who is there is as important as what we serve. Many of our staff members come from some of the finest restaurants and share our commitment to making every event one to be remembered and treating every guest with kindness. Blue Heron firmly believes in the "wow factor" and the magic that lies in the details.

We mean it when we say let us make your culinary dream come true.

We Take Our

Green Commitment Seriously  

Blue Heron is a certified green company, using sustainable business practices every day.

We Are Members of the Community 

We strongly support the LGBTQ Community and believe in equal rights for all. 

We Can Throw Just About Any Party 

While we really love weddings and social gatherings, we also throw fabulous big events.


Some Blue Heron highlights include:


  • Official NFL Superbowl 50 caterer participating in a Taste of the NFl on Superbowl Sunday

  • Oakland A's 50th Anniversary Gala

  • Boys & Girls Club Oakland Town Ball

  • KFOG VIP party for Concert for Kids 2015, 2016, 2017

  • East Bay EDA Awards 2017, 2018, 2019 

  • Oakland Indie Awards

  • The Gay Vanity Wedding Show

  • Fairyland 60th Anniversary Gala

  • Help is On the Way XXII Gala

  • Pixar's Movie Release Parties

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